Backup and restore WLM 2012 custom emoticons


Is there a way to back up and restore the custom emoticons after I make a clean Windows and WLM install.
Last time I tried to restore the custom emoticons, they were not showed up. Fortunately back then I could add them one by one with help of one of my friends. But now he isn’t using WLM and his emoticons lost too.
I don’t want to lose mine, so please if there is any solution how to back up, restore and made them work after a clean install, then please help me.

the truth I don’t know , I copy a gif and save it on my pc and then I make it in msn , they look at the chat window but when I check the chat history only can see the abbreviation (example only see the xD instead of see the emoticon ) greetings

There is a solution for your problem, suggested by Jonathan here: Use Messenger Reviver 2 to bring back Messenger and beat Skype | Jonathan Kay, MessengerGeek

If I’m not mistaken, under WLM2012 the old back up and replace thing will not work, because you must rehash all of your custom emoticons to make them work again.
Please let me suggest this way instead. Go into your C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Messenger\yourid\ObjectStore\CustomEmoticons folder, select all of the files with *.dt2 extension, save them into your backup folder and rename them into *.gif.
Then make a clean install, revive Messenger, launch and inside the program you can add back one by one your custom emoticons from your backup folder.
Sorry I don’t know easier way.

I suggest you, send a pm to Jonathan, maybe he can help more.

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you can simply backup the custom emoticons folder.

And after you have re-installed wlm, just login and out once.
then just go to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Messenger\yourid\ObjectStore\ and copy and replace the custon emoticons folder with the one you backed up, and log in again.
Then you will have all your emoticons back again.
You dont have to change any extensions what so ever.

ty ^^ man now it’s working

Thank you, it worked! :smile: