your design have a little fails on design


Im venezuelan.
And that is google-translated : /


The project is still alive? okay
I maked a new design, and i show the old designs:

First design:

This design hasn’t search bar, no ad, a little fails on traduction ES -> EN
And the WLM icon is too pixelated and a failed Windows 10 window
Created in: Photoshop & Paint

Second design:

A similar design to WLM 9, Search bar added and a some little details
Added favorites
Integration with Yahoo! (OHTIMTG) and AIM contacts
You can now use a link as a personal message (and open it)

Designed in: Paint only

Design 3 (Final):

The first real BETA Based on Megadeth58 design + WLM9 + WLM 2012
Integration with Escargot Spaces
Connect to Escargot Today
Offline IMs
Add Yahoo (OHTIMTG) contacts and AIM contacts
The information bar is just now a icon
Connect with office (enterpises only)
Read mail in AZWLM Window
New Addon: "Azure Messenger Plus!"
Like in Mercury messenger you can change the protocol: MSNP11 MSNP 15 (default) MSNP18* and MSNP21*
It has his own about window:
Designed in: Photoshop & Paint

  • MSNP18 and 21 are not yet in Escargot

Thanks :smile:


Hello yes I know I’m back again but since I have a new pc I will continue AzureMSN but in mode 2.0 thank you @Luis_Leandro for helping me during all this time I think a lot my forgotten even if I’m that a little programmer who is not as well known as microsoft MVPs or video game programmers like Ubisoft but here I am back trying to be active most often thank you your friend: Malosito33 # ERROR404 XD


And I thought Azure_MSN was dead. :cat2:




TBH, Azure is just Pidgin all over again. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really, as Azure doesn’t connect to multiple things. :cat2:


yes and no


I just focused on @Luis_Leandro’s design, as it’s the latest design. Not really sure on the final design of the project ATM. :stuck_out_tongue:


my design is the final render


I might make my own design in VB6. :cat2:


I have ideas, anda a concept…Can I help?


Sure. Why not? :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok, My messenger:
Please add me (What is your e-mail?)



Can you name it as Escargot Live Messenger?


This is a really bad idea




ngl about that. Besides, Escargot is a third-party service reviving IMs that don’t belong to the creator.