IS THAT ThaNKS :slight_smile:


I put the download link in messenger GEEK


this emoticons is better than WhatsApp emojis :smiley:


Yes, I quite like those too :stuck_out_tongue:
I am a bit curious what they will look like when smaller.


Does this thing have anything to do with Microsoft Azure or it’s just a cool title?


You can do a pack of this emoticons? they’re really good!


JK I would like to know if you agree to the project ?? :slight_smile:


Thanks to you for helping me support that touches me a lot


Emmm, the link is broken <(o_O<)


I tested it and it works


No it’s just a cool title :slight_smile:


Off link view PrtScr


I had the answer of @TReKiE and @Patchou for AzureMSN it is missing only @valtron or @tristanleboss so that version 1.0 (beta) is created within a few months
:slight_smile: :smiley: :heart_eyes:


I got some image resources of wlm 2012 is I will try to improve what I did before


can you give me them?



thanks much.




HOWEVER, this is very very incomplete.