Ayo everyone

can anyone help me? i need some help to get spams intentionally


for laughs

my email is full of spams and it makes me wanna kms

one of my email accounts keeps getting fake dating emails (which have pornography in them) since around 2017 or so. it keeps getting moved to my spam automatically by google, however I might’ve written a thread on this forum about that very issue back in 2018.

so yeah, trying to get spam isn’t worth it.

i get emails telling me to buy viagra to make my pp bigger like how would they know if my pp is small or big??? leave me alone i dont want viagra :skull::skull:

or i get fake emails from La Poste France… i’m in belgium

how did you get those?
the reason i want these is because of a vid

they get my email from databases leaks from websites i signed up on in like 2014/2015 or old mailing lists being bought by scam companies

oh okay. wish it was that easy to get spam emails