Ashley vs escargot ( #badtitle #yeah )

you want Ashley server for older versions and escargot for newer versions or escargot for everthing ?

  • Ashley for older and escargot for newer
  • escargot for everthing

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This isn’t needed. Only fueling the fire. :confused: LOL I thought this was purely about the flame war. :stuck_out_tongue:

now its working :slight_smile:

this is just a poll :slight_smile: vote if you want

Also, IMO, this poll doesn’t really make sense, as Escargot is a public server open to everyone. Ashley’s MSN Server, however, is server software that lets people open up their own private MSNP server.

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anyway , escargot is unstable in msn 4-1 so why not use ( one of the bilions of servers made with ashley ) Ashley server :stuck_out_tongue: ? ( MY BEATY TITLE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO )

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When you saying newer version you mean WLM 2009?

More like MSN 5.0 and beyond, methinks. :stuck_out_tongue:

msn 6.x , 7.x , 8.x ( and also 2009 )

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ok thanks

Hmm, I have a need of expressing my opinion here.
There is no point in sharing billions of servers for MSNP, because the MSN Messenger is the client-server architecture software, in many-to-one access type. Due it’s not distributed architecture anyhow, it is absolutely nonsense to split users between many servers, unless you want to hold your own server for security/privacy reasons. The power of the original .NET Messaging Service was not in private rooms without external acces, I guess… As well as any other IM service. So this whole thing is reasonable only if we, as a comunnity, do hold and improve one solution, that all we can be proud of, don’t we? So, this split between these two servers going on here, for me, should have really strong technical explanation, or it’s meaningless.


some people like msn 4-1 but escargot is ( VERY ) unstable so at least one Ashley server for these older versions is good

Escargot supports aforementioned versions. :stuck_out_tongue:

just one (Ashley ) server is not a poblem right ?

One is enough since not a lot of people use older versions


Y’know, in all seriousness, it makes sense for there to be one go-to server hosting one protocol, rather than multiple of the same server scattered everywhere, especially due to the client-server architecture that MSN utilizes, as you brought up.

It would be mayhem registering for multiple accounts on different servers ultimately hosting the same exact service. :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah !

but only one AS ( AS = Ashley ) and escargot is a good choice since its only 2 servers

Anyway, nothing should stop you from running this server, opening it to the world, even when no one will meet you there - you’ll have an experience in doing this, and you gonna learn sometnig.
Cheers :wink:


anyway escargot is experimental server so maybe in the future it will be more estable in older versions , so yeah what you sayed make sense

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