Are you sure about that, TReKiE?

Seriously, are you so serious to block me and not the one who actually caused this?
God, can you think or something?


Are you sure about that?

Who are you?

i got banned again

For what?

What if you were an @Nojus2001 alter ego?

Nope. You know me very well. I can’t say my Identity

Man, this is the first time I see you around! I don’t know you!


Are you sure? He did nothing! Maybe he isn’t connected right now.

Impossible! He was banned! Maybe… you are right?

Wow :thinking:

Now he is banned. Cause: Ban evading. @TReKiE, you have several things to explain to all of us. First of all, who was this @PaiGai user? And why did @Deathlife23 got banned? Please explain it all to us.


He is mad now

He is banned for multiple violations of the guidelines of this forum, as early as October of last year. He has disregarded all the multiple warnings since.

His account was only temporarily silenced for a few hours today but then went ahead and used another account to create this thread, which is completely unacceptable. Evading a limited state is instant-ban.

Perhaps by June he will have had time to review the guidelines of this forum. I have already offered to assist in any clarification if they are not clear to him.

Which forum guidelines he broke for example? You know, to know how big his problem was.

was it really “some hours” though :wink:

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