Are you being invited to group chats over and over? come in, I have a solution


Greetings everyone, I’m sure a lot of you have noticed the foreigners who have been adding people to their group chats over and over and they won’t listen even if you tell them to stop, so to stop this abuse I’ve got a solution

Block these people and click Only people on my allow list can see my status and send me messages.

Note if you don’t see them on your list then that’s even better for you, but they will be able to invite you to their group chats if you don’t click the only allow option.

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Good job for putting this here. people really need to know how to block people without being in a conversation. this here is simple.


And every time I find a new one that abuses like this I will provide their name on this topic so people can block them.


totally agree with you but why am I in your block list? I never start any group conversations and never bother anybody?


Guess I added you by mistake, sorry.


thanks man no worries!


So far so good, I haven’t got a single group invite in days :smiley:


this happens to me everday but i dont care about it , but some times its anoying