Are there any particular drawbacks to using version 5?

would i be missing out on anything in particular or is it mostly usable with other versions and their features? I know it is compatible but to what extent?

if it isn’t great, what version would you recommend instead?

MSN 5 is one of the most balanced old versions in terms of features. What I miss most about myself is the profile photo.

Anyway, I would recommend you to use MSN 7.5.

this is great, but you will don’t have: screen sharing, games, group and maybe also you don’t will have less nostalgia

MSN 5 is more like MSN 4 but with a more pretty interface and internal security enhancements. You’ll be able to add contacts and message them, but features like winks, nudges, backgrounds, and games don’t exist, and some things like file transfer and voice/video are less reliable since they don’t really consider NAT environments. Display pictures, PSMs, and contact groups also don’t exist. It’s pretty much a light version of MSN at its peak.

Where’d you get that idea from? Just became you don’t get nostalgia from something doesn’t mean others won’t. I will never get people who try to push their opinions onto others.

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ah ok, i’m using 7.5 for now so i suppose i will decide between those two unless another version happens to be mentioned, i know a lot of people here use 8.5 so i may try that also

Sorry, because that is old, I don’t even know anymore why I say that