Appledoo's MessengerGeek Danganronpa Simulator Thread

this is bump 1 reminding you to post the other chapters

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haha haha haha i’m still alive haha haha haha


This is bump 2 reminding you

bump 3 reminding

im waiting appledoo

Since I don’t feel like writing my vaguely snarky lines, and want to post about this before PF94 bumps it with something completely unnecessary like “this is dead” which is totally fucking obvious in nearly every case (yes I’m a bit salty), should I just post the results for this mess of a 48 player session?

  • Yes
  • No

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bump 4 reminding you to do this

ThIs Is DaEd loL /s

another reminder bump

nah i bet she’s not posting because she sliently cancelled it, dont bother.

what is it with you and assuming every single goddamn thing?

got 2 votes yes, will dump images and results later today


what is it with the community disliking me?

what that has to do with what she said? stop assuming everyone dislikes you

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yeah i think she cancelled it, also bump 5

don’t make the same error i made like exactly 2 months ago.

do not BUMP because you THINK something. if something is blatantly inactive wait for the creator to confirm it’s dead

but yeah making a third one with 48 people was a mistake. CURSE YOU @xsychoreese

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a good example

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Still looking for Appledoo EP