Appledoo’s Guide On What And What Not To Do When Someone Annoys You

Hi. My name is Rose, but most people know me on here as appledoo. I’ve been on this forum for a fair while (two years and about two months as of the time I type this), and I’ve seen my fair share of the most annoying people that I know of online. This is why I’m going to teach you what to do when someone is annoying you on MessengerGeek proper; if someone’s annoying you on MSN, just block them and all is good. Unless they have alts.

TL;DR: Do block them. Don’t escalate the situation.

(bet you saw that coming)


  • Block them. This will make it so you can’t see posts they make, and purposely have to click on replies they send to read them…personally, that system doesn’t make sense, but whatever.


  • Escalate the situation.
    • Examples
      • Harassing the user on MSN/Discord/other social medias
        • Sending the user NSFW/NSFL images without consent
        • Sending the user IP loggers
        • Sending the user shock websites
      • Attempting to password-guess the user’s accounts (also known as “hacking” by people who don’t know what hacking is)
      • Sending the user viruses, obfuscated or unobfuscated
      • Posting personal information of the user (e.g. IP, location, full name, SSN, blood type, etc)
      • Attempting to enter the router of the user

Unfortunately, some or most of these examples either happened or attempted to happen.

blah blah blah please don’t use this as a “guide on harassment” thanks bye


Someone will use this as a harassment guide.
Sorry mate, it’s just going to happen.

again; don’t be me, i happen to be the worst at this


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I’m just being a goof, some ppl really do have to see this advice though :roll_eyes:


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