AOL cookies

I saw that aol used to send out cookies on christmas in a little running man box, how did people get the cookies, was it just a thing that everyone got or was it for special people?

Where did you see that?

Anyway, AOL had all sorts of promotional things, but they were usually for certain types of people, such as certain employee teams, all employees, certain investors, management, and even sometimes volunteers like Neighborhood Watch members. I have a backpack, blanket, and assorted other things some place. I vaguely remember a running man tin box, but if I had one, I think it may be long gone by now, probably accidentally stepped on and crushed or something.

Edit: If you were asking if regular subscribers ever received anything like that, the answer is no.

oh, its on trekies blog, it was a conversation from 2003 - 2004 which showed someone he was talking to got the cookies

Yea the running man tin box was what the cookies were sent in, as far as i know

There’s something very familiar about that, that I can’t quite put my finger on.