Aol 4.0 in 2017 please

aol desktop is dead now, is possible to revive aol 4 or older ?

It’s actually possible with AIM Phoenix. :smile:
Add me there: Snow344
(Sorry for not giving you the link I am using my phone)

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This is aim, i want aol desktop 4.0

what the hell

Well restoring all of aol 4.0 is possible however it would be so hard because you need to revive everything and every thing is seperate from each other

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tbh I would rather use AOL Desktop as well but in time we will have a lot things revived. just not right now.

Here you go: GitHub - erfg12/AOL_4.0_Emu: Emulating AOL 4.0


ah fuck, i clicked the link and i regret flagging :frowning:

Update: i sent a pull request as i’ve noticed the app doesn’t work on Vista due to it being one revision higher.

try it on 7

or install the platform update