Anyone who knows how to set up an OS X 10.6 vm?

I’ve been following tutorials to a tee and disabling EFI and everything but whenever i try to boot with the CORRECT DISK i get this fun little error.
what am i doing wrong

use iBoot, boot into it, and insert the Snow Leopard disk, then press F5 and enter it

its not even booting iBoot

does anyone have a correct download link the the version of iboot i need?
it could be i have the wrong one

do i have to make an account to download?

isn’t that for hackintosh? this is for a vm.

ive seen vm things cite using iboot

yea, but it works for VM

already did 2 times with no problems

sadly, yes

still getting the error

have you inserted the iBoot disk onto the VM?

yes i have

this is quite unusual

So? I ran a Hackintosh setup in a VM.

do you happen to know whats going on with my setup? should ishare some details of the vm’s settings?

No clue. I’m not fond of VirtualBox, especially when it comes to installing macOS.

whatd you use?

Honestly, I use VMware for anything relating to virtualization

alright ill see if vmware will work better