Anyone wanna add me on WLM/MSN?

My Escargot is:

I like:

  • Retro Computers (And Games): I like to play games like Terminal Velocity (1995, MS-DOS), Outrun (1991, Sega Genesis), Half-Life (1998, Windows/ 2001, PS2), Duke Nukem 3D (MS-DOS, 1996), and much more…
  • Art (I am an internet artist)
  • Source Engine stuff (I am very handy with it)

eu ja madei um convite pra vc agora so vc me aceitar

I seem to already have

manda teu convite pra aceitar vc meu amigo

Are people able to recover their old chat history using this? I’d love to be able to see my convos from when i was a kid

Assuming you mean the original windows live messenger chats, no. The original WLM servers and the servers of Escargot etc are completely different, and do not contain account data of the other servers.

(if you have an old computer with the original wlm, and chat logging enabled, check that computer’s user documents folder)

oh my gosh! many people write it down.

me add no MSN