Anyone knows

today while searchig for something regarding Messenger Games I have found and hosted custom games which hopefully means someone archived official ones and maybe have some custom ones that they could send to us also has a forum: but due to reCAPTHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN error (thanks google you could at least return true on that one so you would not break so many sites that noone is taking care of) I and nobody else can register, there are probably some people that have an account there (I saw Patchu had one)

I hope (as they were developing custom games) still have games archive somewhere

as regarding V1 CAPHA error I tried many solutions on the internet

  1. type what is shown in the box — DOESN’T WORK
  2. type: “reCAPHA V1 IS SHUTDOWN” — DOESN’T WORK (
  3. type: “reCaptcha V1 Shutdown” — DOESN’T WORK (
  4. type: “V1” — DOESN’T WORK (
  5. it does not metter what you type it should accept anything — DOESN’T WORK

while checking that out on the web archive, I saw this;
unless we somehow get the games server working, unless it already is, then the games on are lost to time

as well, I saw this;
…which might mean we’d need to get Windows Live Gallery revived as an alternative, which might be a practically impossible task

well they were creating custom games and hopefully someone had archived original games, which means we only need to come in contact with Koen (I think he was called that) or someone else and maybe we are lucky and they still have this custom games somewhere

I dough that they just deleted everything when they stopped working on it in 2006

unfortinaly the forum is not arhived on IA so :frowning:

I know the patcher still exists, but that might not be useful