Anyone Know When We’ll Be Able To Download WLM 2009 & 2011

Hi Does Anyone Known When We’ll Be Able To Download WLM 2009 & 2011? And does anyone think a mobile app will be released?

As of now, WLM 2009 is not capable of running in the official server but you can run it on your local server.

you can technically get 2009 working if you have some knowledge of Python

mercury messenger works on android, WLM on iOS is not supported

What local server. The creator of escargot says they’ve got it working, but on the escargot Download Page it says version 09 not supported

the wlm 2009 will be ready when its ready

@OhHelloThereImTheGuy is not the creator, @valtron is the creator

there you can make a local server

essentially, on the WLM 2009 dev branch, it is supported; to the public, the main server y’know, it isn’t, they haven’t pushed it there yet, idk how github works
it’s not supported on the main server yet cuz of circle dumbfuckery

Now it’s ABCH/SOAP woes with the contact list and how WLM 2009 does things differently with error handling. :stuck_out_tongue: