Anyone know how to install windows mail from windows vista in windows 7?


the title says everhting , pls help me


Windows live mail?


no , windows mail


What have you tried so far? A good start would be to try copying the folder over and trying to run it that way to see what/if any error messages you get.


so i need to get a copy of a windows vista pc ? ok so i will try this


Ok, @Machintosh_Lapfan will learn you (i use Windows Vista Mail on Windows 7) you need to download this file: Windows Mail in Windows (721,2 KB)
and extract it and execute the file, and that’s it, the explanation of how this works: Windows Mail (Vista) is also on Windows 7, but hidden for some reason, this file activates it an also creates a direct acccess on Desktop :wink:


i try to open the icon in the desktop but for some reason it dont open


Try opening it as administrator. Because I think it touches some vital files in the WINDOWS folder.


still nothing


Then I don’t know what to do.


it is open in task manager but nothing more


it works now guys :smiley:


how do you open it?