Anyone any idea about yahoo messenger or ym server?

Anyone has an ideea when escargot will launch yahoo suport or somebody with yahoo messenger 6 server code that can help ? Me and my friends want an yahoo server i know the iwarg server but it’s offline most of the time… thank you :smiley:

Escargot’s Yahoo Messenger support will come out once we have that and WLM 2009’s patches figured out, which I hope doesn’t take too much time. Also we probably won’t support Yahoo Messenger 6.0 for some time after the initial rollout mainly due to it having major compatibility issues on anything above XP, and most likely after initial rollout we’ll support 5.6 and 8.0 right after. Doesn’t mean we won’t support 6.0 period, but it won’t be a priority.

Okay , thanks for the info :slight_smile: but didnt you allready have support for wlm 2009 and ym 5.5 on the git ? I have tested the server and saw it works ? .

Yes, the code for that is technically public, but that doesn’t mean it’s intended for serious use yet or that you should go break your back just to get them working. We just haven’t gotten the opportunity to roll it out as we have to get the patches out of the way.

Ok that’s sorted out but what about this? is it good at anything sorry i dont want to waste your time but im curios found it and dont know what’s with it

It was a separate attempt at reviving Yahoo Messenger by someone who worked with the protocol for a long time. He actually helped me with supporting its protocol on Escargot and was kind to offer me other important data Y!M needs. Sadly he hasn’t updated anyone about his endeavors for the past two years and from his recent activity I have a strong feeling he isn’t going to go back to that project in the foreseeable future.

ok thanks for the answer at least i wont be frustrated with doing something with it :slight_smile: that’s all thank you again

Well honestly, I can not wait anymore. :sob:

OhHello, if you can send me (in private message) screenshots for how the development of WLM 2009 and Yahoo! look like :slight_smile: