Anybody with a 3Ds and Mario kart 7?

Hello again! wanted to see if anybody would like to have a mario kart 7 community about escargot/messengerGeek! would be fun racing tho

yes i have 3DS but not mario kart :stuck_out_tongue:

there is no problem if you have FBI in your 3Ds :stuck_out_tongue:

I tried 4 times to install homebrew launcher and FBI but i failed :stuck_out_tongue:

interesing… what console you have and what version you got?

i have both 3DS and a original copy of mario kart, i just dk if i can play online because i have CFW

you can, just be sure the game isnt modded with cheats or smth, after that is safe


you can add me if you want too

what’s your friend code?

its 2681-4991-3345

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done, here’s mine 3454 - 6722 - 6644

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Done and done

btw you should know that you can appear as online, add titles to fav (except for homebrew ones) like a normal 3Ds person do :stuck_out_tongue:

well, i heard appearing as online can get you banned, so i let it off

Add me 0061-4558-0762



i see :stuck_out_tongue:

how you quote someone else post? i forgot