Anybody Hype?

I was looking at Escargot Today and not gonna lie, I got pretty hype. I haven’t used WLM at all when it was legitimately alive, so this is all new stuff for me. Can’t wait for what’s to come. How about you guys?


neither have 95% of this place’s userbase, you’re not alone

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you are right, almost all of escargot’s users don’t even use WLM

I did had memories of WLM (I think it was like WLM '09… i think) when i was younger… and i did discovered the MG site (before the MG forums was launched) when i was younger

About the long WLM '09 hype, it’s a bit smaller then what it initially was. It may be because the hype lasted a bit too long, comparing to the WLM 8 hype, which was back when Escargot was still brand new and kids from other communities (Bob Pony’s Community like me, collabVM’s community like icanttellyou)

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