Any way to use old icq in 2020

title is the question

Nope. WhatsApp-wannabe ICQ (ICQ 9) is the only ICQ remaining.

do you really have to refer to it as “whatsapp-wannabe” you couldve just called it ICQ 9 and it wouldve made more sense

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ICQ 9 doesn’t feel ICQ-y to me, even though i never used ICQ before.

no; the servers were disabled late 2019, and idk if we are/were able to reverse engineer the message protocol

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I remember that kirk said he could maybe work on it, but the super ancient versions that relied on p2p (i think before 2001 if memory serves) can’t be supported on escargot due to, some reason i forgot.

don’t think anything after 2003/5 will work either, because, you know

ClientLogin/SSL bullshittery

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That’s just Escargot, and I never said I’d work on it, just that I’d consider if it’s worthy of implementing. I had personal plans to implement the “super ancient versions” as you call them (versions before 2000a) and possibly get that integrated with the OSCAR services, but not on Escargot as… the messaging relies on P2P as you said, and the way it does that makes it impossible to get it working on Escargot’s backend mainly because all frontends should be able to transparently talk to each other and pre-2000a ICQ doesn’t allow that. Also issues regarding UINs and their limited availability but that’s another can of worms.


I see…

sorry about the bump the older versions of icq used oscar, just like aim

Well, sort of. Granted a lot of it is OSCAR, but huge aspects of what makes ICQ different from AIM are a part of an almost subset of the protocol which is encoded totally differently, and is sort of a hack based on the original ICQ protocol. It’s so large in fact, it’s almost as much work as implementing OSCAR itself.