Any suggestion for this site?

give me some suggestions

i made the site in around 5 mins

Fix the flash games, by right-clicking the apples press duplicate and a new one will appear and continue clicking it for free points

thats a problem with scracth :frowning:

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Lol it will be still used after 2020

but still, it’s an outdated and heavy piece of shrimp

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Next time dont complain that msn winks are not working…

on modern websites

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Well ok then but like if somebody still plays flash games etc.

that’s another thing

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Seriously, @penguin001 is like the new @Nojus2001


Totally agree on that.

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I agree with you

So hes being me from the past?

q u a l i t y w e b m a s t e r



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Just click that “this page” link and then click “Allow”