Any recommendations for a new laptop?

So I am fed up of fighting with my current computer. Constant blue screens, constant crashing, all the time. It can’t even do the simplest tasks without issues. There is no way to fix it either, can’t even go to a Windows version before Windows 10. Last year, this computer could handle literally anything I threw at it.
(Thank Microsoft for some of it because they left Windows to rot so badly.)

I think it’s time to upgrade. Does anyone have any recommendations? (I’m struggling to find one I could get) What I do is:
-Gaming (More on the retro side)
-College work (Preferably a keyboard that’s nice to type on) (This includes the use of the adobe suite, most commonly Photoshop and Illustrator.

I would like to stick to Windows if I can, as some software I use either
-Has no alternative or version for macOS/Linux
-Has no version for macOS/Linux, but has very crappy alternatives

-I prefer a 128GB+ SSD, but will accept an eMMC too.
-RAM is not an issue (Currently i have 4GB), though having it above that or having it upgradable will be ok.
-Included touchscreen would be nice, but not required, i’m sure i could get a wacom or something.
-Not a chromebook.
-USB-A and normal (Not mini) HDMI would be acceptable, i tend to use those a lot
-Hopefully a more snappy processor
-Size preferred to be above 10"
-Resolution: 1366x768 or above, preferrably 16:9

your budget

don’t really have a budget yet, I’m just looking for suggestions

i’m not into laptops (but i’m thinking of getting a ideapad for programming stuff and also to do college stuff), but probably a HP pavillion 15 would be interesting as of my quick amazon search

Amazing sale lmao
(I’ll think about it)

lol 2p offer

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@woodland586 Which Retro era you’re interested at?

Maybe you would need some tweaks for the type of processors, specially if you want a newer one

FireAlpaca will work fine on Windows and Linux too (also the OS doesn’t really matter for a laptop choice)

Which type of the Interface that you’re used to?

If you like typing in a laptop, then you’re in luck (you have the keyboard that works and isn’t triggering for you). Or else, I would recommend a Mechanical Feeling or a random ergonomic keyboard (if you like them) so you can have some distance-ish.
If you like the Mac designs, you can buy some copies of Mac keyboards and just use it

No idea if Retro Gaming on Linux is possible (except if you wanna play on Emulators, then Linux is a better option, technically)

Maybe you could mention the apps and I might see if there’s an alternative to it (if necessary)

Maybe you can tell why it is that (if necessary because it depends from the question above and yeah)

8GB RAM seems very snappier on a laptop, but I can try to get a 6GB of RAM laptop if you want to

Touchscreen laptops are normally expensive, so I recommend getting yourself a Wacom


Maybe you want like 4 USB-A ports. On this case, you can get a laptop with 1 of these ports and get a USB HUB that includes 2 or 3 of them (because you shouldn’t overload).

What’s the specs your current laptop has rn?

Screen pol or is it the entire laptop (sorry if the answer is obvious but idk)

Normally a laptop would have 1920x1080 nowadays, specially with that specifications, but we’ll see what I could search for it


for now, that’s all of the questions n stuff that I wanna have to clarify, and I’m gonna see what it suits to you (and maybe get on budget)

If I play a retro game, and it can’t run on modern windows, i’ll usually use an emulator or something

Do you think i could import my medibang brushes to firealpaca? (They both share way too many simularities)

Classic Flash

I do know of some mushy laptop keyboards, I only wanted to clarify^^

I know about the emulators, I mean with more modern games (Such as Source Engine Games) and some other software

Macromedia flash 8
Garry’s mod, or other source engine titles

I commonly see very basic alternatives. I like to use the more advanced applications.

May need some training with it, but good idea


I am fine with 2 ports, as I may use USB A when out and about, where i commonly leave my hub at home.

2x 1.10GHz Intel Celeron N4000
Used to be 64 GB eMMC (Now i’m stuck with 30GB due to purchasing the wrong board during a replacement)
Windows 10 22H2

The size of the laptop, rn i have a bag designed for carrying 11" laptops, but i’m sure larger bags won’t cost much.

70s - 2000

I found Dell Inspiron 15, which is 15,6"
On Dell’s official website, you can choose some requirements that might make it cheaper (has a starting price of 2000 BRL, but can be cheaper depending on the choice [like a cheaper processor or smth]).

Or Aspire 3 i3 Version might be a good deal too

For a even cheaper option, then you would have to buy a PC or buy the parts and mount yourself

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