Any reason as to why MsgPlus 4.83.374 (From escargot site) Gets detected on 17/67 AVs on virustotal?

As the title says I’m wondering why MsgPlus is considered a Trojan to VirusTotal considering it is up for download on escargot’s site

Idk i just disable my av and thsts all

Because it have a toolbar in the setup (but you can disable the installation of it).

Later on in Plus!'s life, specifically when Yuna Software bought the rights, they starting bundling adware with the Plus! installer. Initially, it was optional, but later on, it was a requirement. Regardless, AVs like to put up red flags onto installers that they know bundle adware and alert the user.


Ah ok thanks for the Info!


I really hope you just forgot to add in the “temporarily” part.