Any news on getting game servers working?

i hope we can get working games so we dont have to draw them.


Anyway I just got around to getting the activity list servers (Activities are the official name for MSN games) to work with at least 7.5, and it wouldn’t take long to get them and the rest of the needed services up if we could. I say “if we could” because we don’t have many existing games to work with that are complete. Someone got Tic-Tac-Toe working, but the way they replaced the missing assets are meh. As for the rest of the games, most of their important components are missing, so those are a lost cause for the most part. Only solution would be to get people to create new games, but I see very few people being interested in doing that. You can try to take on the challenge of making one if you want, though.

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  1. by drawing i mean using the handwriting feature to play games, example: connect four, i could set up the game and put 1 piece, send it to the other person, then they put the drawing into their handwriting thing, cycle repeats.
  2. as for the making my own games… i know nothing about how to make a wlm game lmao.