Any good late-90s/early-2000s games for XP?

On my Windows XP installation, I have Sims 1 installed, along with Sims 2 but it’s oddly buggy.

Half Life (all the games) including goldsrc games

the WON version or the steam version? i have the steam version but the late-2018 steam client doesn’t work anymore.

The WON version can work finely in 2021 using the WON2 patch seen here: Also you can play Counter Strike 1.5 and 1.3 too or any WON multiplayer game!

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Steam finally died on XP and Vista? I remember it saying “0 days until steam drops support” or something like that, but it kept working anyway.

Clearly. Tux Racer. IT’S FUCKING FREE.


counter strike mexico mod

stay mad linux users

I meant the commercial version is free. The OS VERSION IS SHIT.

Half Life 1 or 2, has them both pre installed, so you can just extract them from a zip and they will be playable (The version of HL1 steamunlocked has is the GOTY edition with a black version of the half life Playstation 2 Menu)

only try this if you actually own the game on steam, if you don’t have a copy of half life 1 or 2 DON’T CLICK THE LINK, THIS IS ONLY SO HALF LIFE CAN RUN ON XP because steam no longer works on xp.

i have HL1 and HL2 on steam


I think he meant that the menu was from the steam version. But what does the PS2 version of Half Life have to do with the steam version of Half Life?

I think so. I remember installing older versions of steam on these operating systems, it would get stuck into “Updating steam information…”.

I know i don’t make sense. but this is what i meant image and GOTY means Game Of The Yeat


i was typing fast lol