Any escargot compatible MSN clients for linux?

The title says it all… i recently done a full move from windows to linux, after the move i realised that there are no MSN Messenger clients i can find for linux. using W.I.N.E or playinlinux just point blank refuses.

you cannot use escargot without wine.

i have tried installing every messenger version but they all refused to install using wine

This is a Pidgin issue. A Pidgin (Purple) module needs to be created for Escargot. I had one working, but ever since they upgraded to WLM 2009, it stopped working. Qualified Linux programmers need to code a Pidgin module for Escargot.

There is none. The only way you can get Escargot running in Linux is by using Wine.

That didn’t used to be true. It is now. I worked on an Escargot module for Pidgin, WLM 2009 Support in Pidgin broke it.

Galera alguem on no msn …baixei hoje e nao adicionei ninguem ainda.

In the final analysis, a Pidgin module is going to be required.
A Pidgin module would help OSX, Android, and Windows users too.

  1. eu não falo português, estou usando um tradutor para responder a você
  2. escargot é meio que um serviço morto, é menos provável que você encontre pessoas aqui.
  3. este não é o lugar certo para perguntar solicitar contatos.

it is known in the escargot community that there’s a old linux-only pidgin extension (msn-pecan) that got patched by a furry (the pfp makes me wanna puke), it hasen’t been tested as far as i know.

there’s purple-msn but i don’t know if it works or not.

edit: apparantly i forgot i was replying to the guy that fixed the purple-msn plugin, oops

That is the module I have been referring too. This module used to work until WLM 2009 was implemented, then it broke.
Several attempts were made to fix it, they failed.

I used it when I was using Ubuntu, and it worked

I mean with Escargot. Working with Escargot requites two types of Patches:

  1. A patch to use Escargot’s URLs.
  2. A patch to make the module build as an external module.

I have done number 1. I need help with Task Number 2.