Any email servives that i can use wlm 2012 with?


i need some so i can use it


One, WLM 2012 isn’t even supported on Escargot yet, so I dunno how that comes into play. :confused:

Two, if you really need e-mail notification on MSN right now, Plus! and its SMTP inbox feature can satisfy you. However, I have plans to intertwine Escargot with existing compatible Microsoft services, one of them being Outlook, so if you want on-the-fly and built-in e-mail notifications, address book carryovers, and more, better follow up on the progress of the project aiming to reach these goals. :stuck_out_tongue:


Pssst… Windows Live Mail :wink:


you can start with Gmail and, I’m sure there are plenty of email services out there that would work with it. try this topic tutorial :arrow_right:

this tutorial is for the outlook (formerly Hotmail) on windows live mail.
If you are talking about the messenger, then there is nothing to use except the email address you choose to enter. this is permanent in the messenger.