Any artists here? I need a new art program

Hey all, can anyone reccomend me an art program to move over to? I have been using GIMP for a while and have started to notice it’s unstability. GIMP always crashes when using the airbrush. It starts spam clicking one point constantly, it does it so fast it induces a crash. What makes it worse is that GIMP has no autosave, and it’s crash recovery barely ever works.

A program that allows me to easily convert my .XCF projects to it’s native file type easily is prefered.

I would use Krita, but it will only accept XCF files made in GIMP versions before 2.9.

GIMP will also screw up the transparency of layers when i attempt to convert it to something like a PSD (Photoshop document).

I used to use FireAlpaca on my computer, but it has a white inerface and no cloud storage support, but you can download brushes and all. But there is black FireAlpaca on steam. There is MediBang Paint Pro, which is very similar to FireAlpaca but with cloud storage and stuff like that, and multiple colors for the interface.

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Thanks for the suggestion! Do you think it will be easy to convert my XCF files to FireAlpaca’s format without messing up things like transparency?

I’m not really sure about that, but all the programs can export as psd files

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