Any 3rd party clients that can work on Escargot?

I tried Trillian 3.0, however, it doesn’t let me connect.


From doing some simple text searches Trillian 3.0 started using MSNP10, which by then required HTTPS login. Unfortunately Trillian does something similar to Pidgin and splits up the domain and path into separate strings, so patching that out in the respective binary is out of the window. Also I doubt it’d work as well as Trillian 0.74 with Escargot (which uses an older protocol that doesn’t require HTTPS) since it has problems with chatting. As for other options, all I’m aware of is Pidgin and aMSN. For Pidgin since it stores URLs the same way as Trillian in the binary you’d have to modify the source code and compile it from scratch (not worth it). I think aMSN might be a little more on the lenient side since it has a configuration file that’s almost versatile for connecting to different servers, but take that with a grain of salt (might be the same deal with Trillian in that it assumes the main MSN server is the only thing that needs modification).

There might be other third party MSN clients out there that can be salvageable, but I’m not aware of those right now and that’d require some searching on your own time.