Antivirus keeps flagging something escargot related

Malware Bytes keeps flagging as a malicious website

Error code/error message: N/A

What has been tried so far: Running system scans and what I believe is Windows Live Messenger trying to connect to severs

Messenger version: WLM 2009

Windows version Windows 11 Home

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Just ignore it. The site is safe.

With further checking, it may be the fact of the domain ( is insecure, via visiting the link, it just redirects to

same happens to me, it also detected the escargot msn plus software as a wacatac trojan, i deleted it just in case, but ik that escargot is safe.

That is normal behavior from AVs.
It’s a false-positive.
Antiviruses sometimes do that either because of the .xyz TLD (Top Level Domain, aka the last part of a domain) or either because the program might contain code that triggers the AV.

Just add an exception (or whitelist them, or whatever they’re called) for the domains and/or programs needed.

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