Another MSN copy

I was using my PC when I came across a “CLM - Chat Live Messenger” in the Play Store. It is a Brazilian application with themes of WLM, but different in some aspects.

It assessment is 3.4 stars. The main criticism is that the logon does not work most of the time.


I gave it a go downloading from APKPure as it’s not on the Play Store for me (Brazil only I would imagine). I didn’t have any issues registering or signing up, but I imagine the complaints are more about intermittent problems.

At least on the surface so far, they’ve done some nice work in making it Messenger-like, the subtle animation when changing status from the later Messenger versions is there, among other little touches.

It certainly does appear they’ve ripped the resources off directly from Messenger as you can see pixelation in the backgrounds/icons since the phone is of higher resolution :stuck_out_tongue:


Perhaps I’ll try it. Might be better than Mercury Messenger. :wink:


the app is not compatible with android 4.4.2 , i will download the apk and see what happens …

can you revive it for Escargot so we can test it please?

Hey, don’t do that! @Mateus_Rick and @tristanleboss will get very jealous! :stuck_out_tongue:

Why would I? If anyone can do something, let it be done. This is great for the whole community and will add to the good work. :slight_smile:

Evaluate well what they can do. When we launched Mercury, we did all the work first, tested a lot, and delivered an application running. (Bugs are there, and our job limitation is described).

I am very busy with my work, I have only come to follow what happens here. (I do not know why mercury over MSNP11 stopped working after the Escargot server crashes, maybe this, for example: Important update regarding the status of the Escargot server).


Sorry to burst some ideas here, but this is not an actual MSNP-based client, it’s just a nice Messenger themed skinned custom client that does your standard web-app like POST requests against PHP scripts returning JSON.


Interesting… :stuck_out_tongue:


looks pretty nice

So we have here a person that does not understand the jokes, eh eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

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:slightly_smiling_face: :rofl:

Even if it’s a copy or not, it works just fine! I’ve tried it with two friends. The solution to it not logging in is creating a new account right there in the app, that’s how it worked for me! if you are able to make it work you can add me!

We know that!

So we’re not using it. :wink:


no thanks , i prefer using mercury messenger

lol why?

We already have Escargot, and I’m not hopping onto two of the same services at once.

If you can even call CLM the same as the original MSN service, as it’s just JSON passed back and forth via PHP services or something like that. :stuck_out_tongue: