Announcing: YellowBot Community!


YBC is a project based on YellowBot.
Because we wanted to give the community a chance to develop YellowBot.

What will happen to the Original YellowBot?

Don’t worry, it will still be developed.

What if I don’t know how to make a YellowBot command?

Suggest it! then someone else, maybe the Original YellowBot team will make it

Is the project open (source) to develop?

Yes!: GitHub - yellows111/yellowbot-community: The Source for YBC.


one word.



projects being Copyrighted by default ain’t that good.


right: Source Link is now: GitHub - yellows111/yellowbot-community: The Source for YBC.


So… what does YellowBot even do?

Apparently, it “HATES WINKS,” and tells the time until the AIM service shut down (or the time it did, IDK). They plan to add more features, but its pretty lackluster right now, honestly. :confused:

about that…
no-one is helping the development of YBC at all…
PS: it’s PlusScript

anyway, in the current Private Online build, it does all of these:

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I’ll go try it.

Is this bot manually operated, or is the bot shut off right now?

should be online, i’m logged into it right now, then again, the WLM contact stuff is broke still, i can’t even add a contact!

OK. I signed out and signed in again and it’s online.

maybe people will read the Release 1.0 changelog: 1.0.0: Release, Changed y!rolldice to die!rolld6, and added die! commands, rolld4, rolld6, rolld8, rolld10, rolld12, rolld20, rolld50, rolld100 and added die!help.

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The bot had several simple commands that did… simple things. Nothing special.

what would classify as it being special though?
i can’t just use the API, i’ve lost the link, pretty sure i found it on a ilovemessenger archive months ago

I was just stating it was simple for a bot.

What I could classify as special, though, are the news and AIM service death date functions. Probably others that I didn’t get to test, too.

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well, you can’t really do too much with PlusScript, well maybe you can, but most of it is just JScript 5.9

a bot in escargot itself is already good.

but santi13 (dead user, not been on in AGES) did a PlusScript bot first

why dont you return to your normal account?

ps, can i join you guys? i want to be a element too!