An Update On CMY! NANI?!

this isn’t some kind of joke, i’ve begun work on CMY again from scratch.
here’s some screenshots.
i’ll let ya guess what that’s for :wink:
so i have a general idea for the release date. probably some time this year or when escargot’s yahoo messenger support is fully released.

its a server or a patcher for ymsg

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By the name, i will guess it’s something that lets you customize how Yahoo functions/looks

Correct! This has actually been in the works for quite some time now, around two years ago (in fact most of the graphics right now were things I made around that timeframe for the original incarnation of CMY!) but when XPCat lost his files he pretty much canned it along with the other projects that he lost (CatMessenger Reborn was mostly being coded by me and that was cancelled for different reasons). This year however he decided to kickstart development on another version of CMY! and he’s pretty much trying to get back to wherever he was last time. As for me I won’t be involved in it as much anymore as the last time I was was during a time when I was willing to help just about anyone with anything, and I’ve matured from that a bit. Maybe I coud make a couple more graphics, but that’d be about it.

I meant the wUrl window :stuck_out_tongue:

that being the logo.