An old memory of msn Internet Gaming Zone

it was like back in the day I don’t know when but computers in computer lab had Windows XP I remember that I would sit on computer with friend that no longer walks to my school which i miss him :frowning: but the computer did not have access to Internet like really you could not go to early flash game websites because Internet Explorer would say that there’s no connection to internet or something so we didn’t know what games to play on that computer because there was no Icy Tower and other stuff on that computer (btw this was in Poland and I really live in Poland so) anyways I don’t remember what happened next because my memory is so bad but I think we played some MSN games or something in windows xp yeah I wish there was some Revival of Windows XP internet games so I could really live that childhood memory :slightly_frowning_face: thank you for reading that!

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okay why is nobody to replying here? :frowning: :sob:

We could make one

It’s likely that Michael MJD would be interested in it too

Also, I don’t think MSN Gaming Zone is actually that hard to revive it, despite the fact I don’t have almost any knowledge to these old programs lol

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idk why its impossible to revive :sob: