An article I wrote on using computers whilst blind

Hey guys! It’s been a hell of a while since I’ve posted here!
Here’s an article I wrote a few days ago that covers how blind people like myself get the most out of computers and tech. I know you’re all probably thinking: “How is this blind guy even typing this post right now?” This article will hopefully answer your questions.


Thanks for the great write up. As you likely are aware, for a long time Messenger was one of the few instant messaging applications which supported the accessibility APIs amiably in Windows, and therefore there was a sizable blind community within the Messenger community. Interestingly, those that I’m still in contact with, no longer prefer Windows and prefer using Apple’s implementation, which you detailed in your post. Probably due to Microsoft letting applications do whatever they want, without accessibility in mind.

Although I’m no expert in any of this, I do know that some of what is in Microsoft’s Seeing AI is now in Windows 10 itself. For instance, the new Narrator in Scan mode can send what’s on the screen to Azure, which will use its AI to return a best guess at what’s being shown in the screen. However, despite being offered in Azure, I don’t think there’s actual OCR yet.

I’ve always found it amazing how most regular screen reader users set the voice reading speed pretty high and never miss anything. I’ve been told all it takes is practice to learn the skill, but I find it really incredible. :slight_smile:

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@TReKiE if you need any help with getting to know accessibility on the screen reader side, or just want to talk about computers and stuff, feel free to contact me. I believe you now have me on MSN.

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