An apology for WLM

Before we start, I’m going to take a deep deep breath sigh.

You may wondering I’m dead or busy for WLM. The following reason that I quit WLM:
Recently I got caught by a parent for using WLM. I’m forced to uninstall WLM. I uninstalled WLM.

For past days, I hope I will not caught to AIM.

I’m still online on MG.

why would your parents not allow you to use a dead service

She was see it in her dream and forced to show me the window of WLM. And admited, then uninstalled. For me, that was pathetic.

your parents think wlm is the devil morsningstar 666

When parents (uses Filename2 from BBCR voice line):

Wow, great job, use WLM, I dare you.


Anxiety Level for WLM:9000+

I was too worried for caughting once again again. But my bad dream comes true.

reminds me of rumors going around about that discord is pedo platform

i had no issues talking to adults on the internet when i was 11 y.o. Parents even weren’t looking into my chats

by that they still didn’t notice i like guys lmao