An Topic

Someome had to make a topic about this, 2003page is a silly project, we use Microsoft Frontpage 2003 to build an Webpage. That’s all the explanation you need to know

We Are always free to accept more people in the project! To join the project you need have: Discord, Frontpage 2002 or 2003, And a github account! Discord server:

Update: Thank you everyone! Since i posted this, 3 or 4 New collaborators joined 2k3Team! :heart:

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i was literally going to do this but it was called 2002SPACE

where is my button

I doubt it. I mean, you are in cs discord and we talk about it a lot, and i mean a LOT so is not going to be unoiced.

Still i want to see how your fork looks

what button? we don’t add buttons to someone that doesn’t work on 2003page.

We kinda do. In order to add an button from someone that hasn’t worked in 2003page they need to add our button, Then we add your’s.