aMSN with Escargot Support?

If is possible to make aMSN to work with Escargot will be very cool!


Theoretically it should be possible to make any third party MSN client work, as long as it supports the same versions of protocols that Escargot supports. Open source clients could be recompiled with the addresses all fixed up, closed source ones could probably be modified the way we’re doing to the official clients. I’ve never looked at aMSN or Pidgin or any other non-Microsoft client, but I wouldn’t expect it to be too difficult.


if there are OSS third-party MSN clients, that means we could study them to work out their protocols which might help with more expandability.

aMSN is easy to modify as it’s written in Tcl/Tk. However, it’s difficult to work with because it’s written in Tcl/Tk.
Okay no one got the joke.

The biggest issue with this and some of the other OSS clients is that they built up their modern Messenger implementations on the newer versions of the protocol which Escargot doesn’t support yet. However, as Escargot protocol support improves, so will the ability to connect these other clients.


the joke was its code is easy to change, if you understand the frustrating language.

Very good :grinning:

In order for the program can connect to Escargot’s servers, you must first apply this patch (or edit config.tcl manually):
Patch to set Escargot config in aMSN.txt (1.1 KB)
If the program was started before you applied the patch, you must also remove ~/.amsn/config.xml (in Windows is C:\Documents and Settings\Your user\amsn\config.xml) or edit it to replace and with
The problem is that when trying to connect, and regardless of whether the username and password are correct, the program starts consuming all the RAM so I have to kill the process. By saving a copy of the status log (which can be accessed pressing Control + S) to a file you can see the following:

[08:49:14] clearing sb ::ns. oldstat=d
[08:49:14] Connection ::NS::Connection1 socket configured. Flushing
[08:49:14] ::HTTPConnection::HTTPRead: Error, closing```
That is repeated several times per minute, but checking the logs while the program tries to connect can also see this:
<img src="/uploads/default/original/2X/9/9d69cd5b41983fdb8c307ec94a901311a6b394e6.png" width="840" height="692">
My theory is that the program stays in an infinite loop due to not getting an adequate response from the server. Looking a little further, I discovered that this request is originated in the [proxy.tcl]( file (starting from line 980 or 982) in case someone knows what to do with this or how to adapt it to Escargot.
[PS]( I forgot to mention that the program only allows passwords of until 16 characters and I don't know how to change that.

will this work on linux?