All Windows XP + POSReady 2009 Updates (AIO Pack)


This one isnt from me but it also includes DirectX, .NET Framework and even Service Packs

Windows XP (x86):

Windows XP (x64):

There are these two updates missing (its from 2016, expected):

WannaCry Patch:


RDP Exploit Patch:


(Bonus!) POSReady 2009

I made this one myself! it includes all the updates, and i made it yesterday!

This one is X86 only, but i might make a x64 one soon

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Posready2009 is lock :stuck_out_tongue: i cant open :frowning:

u need to patch windows xp to get the POSReady updates

here’s the reg file

POSReady Updates.reg (106 Bytes)