All bn1 servers seem to be dissapearing

According to:
It looks like all bn1 servers are dissapearing, not sure what this is going to mean for the rest of the servers like bay and db3.
Lets hope that those bay and db3 servers keep supporting msnp21 for a while to come.

@TReKiE do you know if those outtakes of bn1 servers is tempory, or are we slowely heading towards the end?

bn1 servers are gone

cross fingers and hope for the best :cry::cry::cry::cry::cry:

db3 servers also seem to slowly dissapear.
Not sure if this is tempory, or that MS is realy going to slam the door on msnp21. :cry:

the messenger legacy will continue to leave on (windows 10 messenger app etc…) but its not the same without the ‘‘branded’’’ client…

i can still sign in.
had a sign in issue yesterday, but it was just shortly.

I will try to add you to msn.

Current status:

  • 34 remaining bay servers.
  • 17 remaining db3 servers.

Sadd news.

I was loged in with my live account allmost whole afternoon.
Untill i rebooted my pc forgotting to sign myself off.
Now i can´t sign in anymore with my live account.

Edit: I´m back in again after a lot of attempts.
i´m not going to singout for today anymore lol! :grin:

The issue is faulty DNS on Microsoft’s side in some regions (mostly confirmed around Europe). Anyone unable to connect to should patch with 2.4.7.

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some db3 servers are back! cross fingers! :slight_smile:

Yeah seems like i just had coincidental luck yesterday.
Today i had no problems signing in at all.
And like @alzcore397 allready pointed out, some of the db3 servers are back again, which is great news.
Wenn i get sign in issues again, i will revive my client with the new reviver.

fingers crossed.


a lot of bn1 has been restored :grin:

UPDATE 27/02/2016

its says again that bn1 servers are gone so the site is not that much reliable. @TReKiE youre right man!!!

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UPDATE 03/06/2016

the platform has been completely updated check for more information

Today all updated servers still look green.
Fingers crossed. :slight_smile:

They are starting to die out for now, Till i get my servers up online that is. ^^ Cheers.