Alejandro Cermelo did uploaded a trojan and when?


I saw @Alejandro_Cermelo account and i noticed that is suspended until 3018 (like @Androso911) because he uploaded trojan, but when?


Maybe with his msn 3 stuff :thinking:

Yeah i notice that he was gone


MSN 3? you’re talking about MSN 1.0 translated to Spanish? because i downloaded that and i have it


No MSN 3.6.0025 modificado al estilo de MSN 3.0.0283


Yes, now i remember that thread


@TReKiE will say why he banned him :stuck_out_tongue:


But which of those files is a trojan? Unless TReKiE has removed (obviously :stuck_out_tongue:), the English version does not seem to have.


The spanish?


Nope. Almost sure that TReKiE removed, it would not leave a malware freely for anyone to download.


Well, obviously :wink:




From what @TReKiE said to me on msn heres what he said: it was something he made that deletes other software but it claimed it was going to improve it :stuck_out_tongue:


It was about his “Code::Blocks patch” that would introduce “a Symbian compiler and the ability to run Code::Blocks on a Nokia”, in which the second claim sounds outrageous.

Instead, it was a trojan that obliterated the Code::Blocks directory and displayed a message demanding the victim to use another IDE, if said directory existed.


Oh my god:(


today he write me in wlm


Because removing WhatsApp from your computer is an extremely difficult task :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope he didn’t send you a virus. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey cermelo make a cool program in vb6 atleast it will work on 98se/me


opening control panel and unistalling whatsapp is the hardest task ever :stuck_out_tongue: