AIMSN (concept) (dead)

AIMSN is a concept which is almost like 2 clients in one. I’m not good at programming at all, so I’m going to allow people to chip in on the project :stuck_out_tongue: Here is a concept image. (It’s not pretty XD)

I hope this becomes a big hit! :stuck_out_tongue:


i have in your MSN contact lol

Another ugly concept -_-

New concept and designed for the fun :smiley: @WindowsXPCat2008 WLM mode


Nice, but can we make a mode for both at the same time maybe and call it Dual Mode or something?

It already exists.

It’s called Pidgin. :wink: (Only difference is that it supports more IM protocols)

I’m completely unsure about if Pidgin allows you to use both MSN and AIM at the same time, but overall, I see this concept kind of redundant.

I don’t think Pidgin even works with Escargot yet

And I have plans for more features, too.

Actually, there are older versions of Pidgin (even way back when it was called Gaim) that would support the MSNP versions that Escargot supports (e.g. Pidgin 2.0, which supports Tweener-based versions of MSNP), but modifying the necessary files are no easy feat, especially since Pidgin doesn’t contain a full URL in the file that handles the auth, libmsn.dll, but instead two strings, an HTTP GET request and the base URL (, so someone would have to recompile Pidgin from the ground up to get it to properly support Escargot.

Well, I’m all ears. :slight_smile:

I have one Idea planned where the AIM users get special features and the MSN users get special features too, however they’re different.

Malosito, having doesnt mean your gonna have instant good skill, i use more then a year, i read some sites about stuff i can make, i already used 1 plugin, and i constantly use zoom to ajust a objects exactly the size i want.

i hope you learn this.

I Learn this :smiley:

new logo.



xd lmao

XD 10/10 on dem skills

So since the new AIM server is also Yahoo! Messenger compatible, we may have support for both. :stuck_out_tongue:

@WindowsXPCat2008 This LOGO ?? :smiley:

It’s nice! I love it!