AIM Phoenix Sign-up captcha issues

Problem description: Captcha doesn’t work, no matter the input.

Error code/error message: you don’t know de way… (captcha failed, try again!)

What has been tried so far: Trying different captchas, still doesn’t work

Messenger version: To be determined.

Windows version: Windows 11 Home Edition, Version 2H22.

Alright, so a VERY VERY cool guy named MaxLikesPizza showed me how do workaround the captcha, for anyone having the same problem, listen up!
Step 1. on the register page, right-click the captcha image
Step 2. press “Open image in new tab”
Step 3. go ahead with the rest of the register process, except for using the captcha letters from the new tab, instead of the ones from the register page
Step 4. Profit!

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