AIM Phoenix domain hacked

It looks like the AIM phoenix website has been hacked, I would strongly advise yall to not go on the website for rn. There’s a super graphic image on the homepage with links to download things that I’m guessing aren’t what they say they are, also there might be a data breach. :grimacing:


escargot also got breached (databases)

that’s fucking it, i’m done with IM revivals.

they were fun in 2017-2020, but the fun for me has wore off. people grow up over time.

tons and i mean tons of escargot accs got breached idk why they partnered with someone with such bad security practices tbh id say its probaly a smear campaign by an enemy but who knows

so, aim phoenix

(sorry for crusty jpeg, i got it from someone else due to me not bothering with that cesspoll of a discord)

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yea i got breached too so i had to rush to change my stuff. got verification that i was infact in the leak. So ill probably never use Pheonix again, just gonna wait for nina, and probably not use that much at all.

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running this on a VM, but yeah.
it seems that they really leaked the phoenix server source as well, including the database.
this isn’t good, o_o

even if you were able to get a copy of this, i highly advise not to run it, after i’m done with this i’m burning my vm.


the fucking phoenix server got LEAKED?

holy shit, i wonder how bad the code actually is.

lol probably clear text messaging with the people running the server being able to see everything with no encryption whatsoever, who knows considering the security practices over there. could be using a packet of crackers and how random the salt on the crackers is as encryption for all we know.

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i have no idea how to operate the control panel lol, i’ve ran into some issues.
slow sign-in times, “buddy list isn’t available” and you aren’t able to create accounts, they usually break or something.
image (usually throws “Password Isn’t Correct”)

they are able to see the password too?

they are encrypted, but from what i’ve heard. they use “DES”.

not surpisied that aim phoenix shuts down after this lmao

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did they or do you think thats going to happen soon?

overall, the database leak is pretty devastating, since it also included IPs, Screennames, E-mails and Passwords.

am i on the leak

not sure?

Glad im not on static IP.

sucks to be me looool

checked mine, both my acc’s are in there sadly

at this point, ill just temporarily delete WLM and never use AIM again

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