AIM Phoenix creator made an Yahoo! Messenger revival


That’s right folks! An Yahoo! Messenger revival exists now! It’s still under early development, so don’t expect much.

Here’s the link if you’re interested:

You can also share your ID’s here!


anyways, let’s get back on topic;


well i already have a account on there :stuck_out_tongue:
my nickname is ppzudo


add me, my account is “appledoo” all lowercase, haven’t installed Yahoo yet but I plan to after school :slight_smile:


I don’t go on Yahoo that often anymore because of the bugs and lack of interest and development but I still use it sometimes when someone wants to, or when I’m on one of my old computers. I’m Floobby on there if anyone wants to add me. I’m just going to ignore the derailing and off topic here and hope others do the same…


I use Yahoo messenger too, but im not active there.Anyways if you want to talk with me add me as Nojusz :stuck_out_tongue:


Just in case you want to add me, my ID is f1shster


ok, this is epic


can we get an amen


big update should have fixed a bunch of that…


Just how recently and is any type of log updating the fixes?


extremely recently, and currently… :man_scientist: change logs get posted in the usual place on the news page.


Fantastic. I know that I and many others have been waiting for a general update so thank you for showing continued interest. And of course the news section would be the most obvious place to look :stuck_out_tongue: