AIM Phoenix Captcha

This isn’t the first time that this has happened, but the Captcha is super wacky on the AIM Phoenix site. can anyone help me?

Give me a screenshot? I can maybe help you


Is it because you failed 4 times and now you think your a robot well here’s a solution try refeshing until you can see what the letters are clearly.


Look, It’s clear, but it still doesn’t work

That is not a 5 it’s an S

And why did you type with spaces


still failed

this is probably happening because you typed with spaces

Yeah we are mostly helping but he keeps failing

Yeah, i did all the methods, and it still doesnt work

And why did you wanted to register in the site

so I can use AIM phoenix

It’s not like you have to only use Phoenix you can use MSN messenger

I know, but I want to experience AOL

Then go to AOL official website

It’s down lol. I’m trying to use AIM phoenix. but the captcha is complete garbage

Then don’t use it LOL

that’s like saying “Just get a house if you’re homeless”. If you can’t help, then don’t.

try sbyr8