AIM Phoenix Buddy List

I had the idea of creating a megathread with lots of AIM screen names, as people can merge them on it.

I’ll start with my one: Gaburierimond
I’m active by AIM 4.7 (Win95), 5.1 (WinME) or Pro (Win10).

Why not?
RadNerd2006 (AIM 4.8, Windows 10 LTSC 2021)

novek22 (AIM 5.9, Windows Vista)

zzx421flame (Every AIM Version, Every OS with Official or 3rd Party AIM Client)


realkikoabdou (pidgin linux mint 3.0, winXP, nt 3.51 but its dead and no longer working, minixp)

add me: Juan

(using aim 4.8, win 11)

Well, you can of course add me, but I’m not always online since I only have AIM 5.9 installed on Windows Vista, and I don’t run it every day
Screenname: KonaloboS