AIM Lite support for Phoenix


Phoenix server now works properly with the little known side project of AIM developers around the late 5.x client versions, AIM lite, which was some kind of testing platform for fancy new things like tabbed IM window, plugins, themes, a download manger, and light weight interface.




you know how i can download it ?


its in the site


how do i make it connect?


make sure to turn off the ssl option, I may be able to support that later but it will have to use a different port.


but i did, still doesnt connect


and also the “use advanced server” options should be “NO”


waiting to connect


fully erect


well i’m connected with it right now, so if those options don’t solve it you’ve stumped me :confused:


they dont…




it resetted to login oscar…


i think it does that if you first go and set the server and change any of the other settings… aand i see someone just logged in with AIM lite





bois im in


pls add me


ok, heres how you patch in one reply:
you should be in this screen right now:

image click this button and go into the settings.
once you are in, disable SSL and advanced server, then go to the connections tab.
Change the server to and port to 5190.
then just put your info on the login screen and have fun :stuck_out_tongue:


It seemed to work fine for me. This version is a lot nicer than the regular AIM.