AIM is dead


tried to do this, thinked it would work but it doesn’t. it’s dead for good.

(idk why i still have the buddy thing, i think i am still online)


they didn’t shutdown yet, but i managed to connect


Proof it already shut down, but not on my AOL Desktop since it didn’t get updated by 2 months.


on aol desktop there is a new version called AOL Desktop Gold but they changing the service for that too. they are saying if you use AOL Desktop Gold you will lose access because they want money for using it. :frowning2: so keeping the version 9.8.2 if you can.


well i backed up the 9.8.2 and if you want, i can send it right away.
Yup, it died at 8 PM


AOL Desktop 9.8.2 is downloadable on the current website.


it will get updated so… you know